Prestwich Arts College is one of Burys flagship secondary schools catering for over 800 pupils in a 1930s building with growing energy requirements.  With extra classrooms created in existing space and plans to expand, electrical supply was reaching capacity and energy costs were exhausting budgets.

Tom Gallagher Ltd proposed the installation of a Solar PV system that would reduce electrical bills, reduce the school’s carbon footprint and act as an educational tool for the schools forward  thinking science department.  The challenge was to design a system that was highly efficient, supplied enough energy to make a difference and to ensure the structure blended in the schools 1930s architecture and offer significant paybacks.

Working closely with the schools’ Business Resources team, funding was sourced to enable the project to become a reality.  Tom Gallagher Ltd offered full support through the planning and Feed in Tariff submission process and worked to the highest standard with regards to the schools’ robust health & safety and safeguarding practices.


The result is a Solar PV system designed using 92 high efficient black solar panels with a capacity of 22.5kW which will generate 17,000kWh of electrical energy per annum.  The governments Feed in Tariff mechanism will part fund the cost of the system over its 20 year lifespan saving the school over 330,000kwh of electric and with  a cumulative benefit of over £166,000.

Tom Gallagher Ltd carried out the design and installation of the full Solar & electrical services consisting of: 

  •         Exterior decorative lighting system
  •         Power installations
  •         Solar PV Panels


“Tom Gallaghers are very customer focused and consider client requirements fully.  They worked with the school under a very tight deadline and completed the project on time and within budget.   We have since employed Tom Gallaghers for a number of other project work including roofing, external lighting and plumbing.  All works completed to a high standard.  Being an organization working with children Tom Gallagher always adhered to high standards of Health & Safety and work to our requirements in relation to Safeguarding of Children.”

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